Got Your 6

Support Got Your 6 – how will you empower veterans?

Every year 250,000 service members leave the military. Although they no longer wear the uniform, they are still passionate about service.

Veterans are incredible team players and resilient problem solvers; making them natural leaders in their communities.

Got Your 6 is a campaign that creates opportunities for veterans to lead by helping to bridge the civilian-military divide and educate America about the value that veterans offer.

Working with Hollywood, Got Your 6 aims to bust the myths and change the popular perception of veterans as either ‘broken’ or ‘heroes’; empowering them to become community leaders.

For example, their “6 Certified” program gives the stamp of approval to television shows or movies that realistically portray veterans.

Working with nonprofit and Government organisations they ensure that veterans can reintegrate and find opportunities to serve in their communities.

Why is the campaign called Got Your 6? When someone says they’ve “Got your six” it means “I’ve got your back” – a saying that originated in the military and sums up the collaborative, supportive nature of a veteran.

Support our veterans today.

All it takes is a few taps on your cell phone. Make a difference today and support the great work of Got Your 6 today.

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