National Military Family Association

Support the National Military Family Association – stand with military families.

Military families serve too.

They deserve reliable healthcare, great childcare, good schools, employment and retirement opportunities.

As an advocacy group, The National Military Family Association has been campaigning for the unique needs of military families and acting as their voice on Capitol Hill, since 1969.

Whether it’s career advice, education or help to transition to civilian life – if a veteran needs it, the National Military Family Association will be campaigning to make sure they get it.

This impressive charity works actively with families, providing summer camps, scholarships for spouses and retreats for families of the ill, injured or wounded.

Operation Purple has connected 55,000 kids and families, enabling them to have fun while they learn how to rise to the challenges of military life.

Veterans Call is proud to partner with the National Military Family Association as one of our trusted charities, offering donors a simple and convenient way to contribute to the ongoing support of America’s servicemembers, veterans, and their families.

Military families need your help now.

All it takes is a couple of minutes and a few taps on your cell phone to make a difference in the life of a military family.

Show your support for the NMFA today.

Donate now – give quickly and easily.

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