Doesn't a great army deserve a great museum? Let's get crowdfunding!

Doesn’t a great army deserve a great museum? Let’s get crowdfunding!

Welcome to our newest charity partner, the Army Historical Foundation (AHF).

On our introduction we found that the Army is the only branch of the military without a National Museum.

But we’re excited that is about to change.

Thanks to the tireless fundraising of AHF, the National Army Museum is now under construction at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. This future national landmark will be 30 minutes south of Washington, DC.

But it needs your help if it’s to open its doors.

This will be the only museum to tell the complete 241-year history of the U.S. Army. It will also celebrate the selfless service and sacrifice of United States Soldiers – past, present, and future.

Chairman of the Campaign for the National Museum of the U.S. Army, Gen. Gordon R. Sullivan, U.S. Army (Ret.) said;

“The Army is our nation’s largest and oldest military service. American Soldiers won our nation’s independence, and they have safeguarded our freedom and the freedom of people around the world for more than 241 years. Building this museum ensures America always remembers the extraordinary sacrifices and service of the men and women who have worn the Army uniform.”

AHF is now calling on the generosity of Veterans Call supporters to bring this landmark to life.

If this crowdfunding campaign is successful, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • interactive state-of-the-art exhibits
  • thousands of rare and priceless artifacts
  • art never seen before by the American people.

At the new museum’s entrance will stand 41 imposing stainless steel pylons. These will be arranged in marching formation, each one telling the story of an exceptional Soldier.

Included will be SGT William Carney, New Bedford, Mass., who was the first African American to receive the Medal of Honor. As well as the story of PFC Milton Olive, Chicago, Ill., who was killed in Vietnam sacrificing his own life to save those of his fellow Soldiers.

Although construction has started, the Army Historical Foundation still needs to raise the final funds necessary to open the doors of the museum in 2019.

The Veterans Call veterans app is proud to partner with the Foundation to help make that dream come true.

You, too, can help make this long-overdue museum a reality by donating with Veterans Call. If we all make our own small contribution, our nation will be blessed with an important landmark to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Start making a difference, donate today.

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