The campaign season - KCBS talks to Veterans Call

Our Head of Marketing, Fiona Grindlay-Kuzian, caught up with KCBS California to talk about how Veterans Call is trying to help support our veterans, active-duty military and their families.

Listen to the piece below:

KCBS – Anchor

The campaign season has brought out a lot of talk about the troops, the soldiers, the vets, and how much we care about them. Well, now an app can take you from all talk, to all walk, for just $5 a month.

Veterans Call – Fiona Grindlay-Kuzian

The $5 a month can make a difference because they’re going to join a community of other like-minded givers and it really will make a huge difference to the lives of veterans.

KCBS – Anchor

Fiona Grindlay-Kuzian is the Head of Marketing with Veterans Call, that helps you get your money to one of a handful of organisations helping vets.

Veterans Call – Fiona Grindlay-Kuzian

Homelessness, post-traumatic-stress, military family support, suicide and mental health, and that sort of thing, the issues that really affect veterans.

KCBS – Anchor

And here’s what makes Veterans Call stand out from the rest, after downloading the app and choosing a recipient, you donate your $5 or $10, of more, through your smart phone. No checks to write, no credit card numbers to hand out. The donate charge is tacked on to your cell phone bill.

Veterans Call – Fiona Grindlay-Kuzian

At the end of your billing cycle, you will receive a text message from our partners saying, “Hey, would you like to continue on giving to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America?”, you simply can either ignore that text and it will keep continuing or you can reply “stop”.

KCBS – Anchor

In addition to making it easier for you, Veterans Call investigates the recipient organisations to make sure they meet high standards and that most of the money raised goes towards vets not overhead. You can find the app in the App Store or Google Play Store, or go to

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