Great Ideas for Gifts for Veteran Dads

Father’s day is just one day when dads get honored. Dads who serve in the military or are veterans deserve special consideration for their unique commitment to their family and their country. Here are some great ideas for father’s day gifts for veterans that take you beyond a tie or a wallet.

  1. Baseball tickets – Did you know that many stadiums offer discounts for veterans and military? Check with your local team to enjoy a game this summer with your dad?
  2. Home Improvement Tools – Maybe your dad wants to upgrade his power saw or drill. You might consider helping him out with some storage and organizational tools to get his garage in order. He would also probably love a new grill to enjoy on the patio to cookout all summer long.
  3. Golf – the PGA offers discounted tickets for military to many of its events. Most golf courses have military discounts, but you may need to ask. Golf clubs and equipment make a great gift for anyone who loves the game, but some golfers are particular about their clubs. If you’re unsure what to get, go shopping with your dad or give him a gift card.
  4. Cars – Maybe you can’t get your dad a new car, but you can get him the accessories he wants to maintain his vehicle or upgrade to better performance. If you do get your dad a new car, you’ll be his favorite for life.
  5. Electronics and gadgets – Even seniors today love their electronics and technology. Maybe your dad needs an updated laptop or would enjoy an e-reader. Think about some of the great products out there that use smart technology to integrate into your smartphone and go from there.
  6. Items for his man cave – What dad wouldn’t like a small fridge or microwave for his den or garage to keep from having to leave his space when watching a movie? He might even need a new recliner to be more comfortable. Maybe he’ll share the old one with you when you come over to hang out.
  7. Photos – All dads like to show off their kids and grandchildren. Smartphones are great when you’re out, but your dad would love to have a professional photo to put on the wall. Bonus – you make your mom happy too.

Give a gift to your veteran on Father’s Day. Maybe he isn’t your biological dad, but he cared for you when you were growing up. Honor the men that made you the person you are today.

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