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Meet our $1,000 Veterans Call Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to our first ever $1,000 Veterans Call Scholarship winner, Ryan Bjelke!

Earlier this year, Veterans Call offered a $1,000 Scholarship to applicants who could tell us –with an image— their thoughts in 200 words or less of what being a Veteran means.

Ryan shared his personal and heartwarming story of his grandfather and US Military hero, Harold Gustav Bjelke, and we award him our scholarship with a huge congratulations. Veterans are not only heroes on the battlefield but in everyday life as well. They have served our country well, and now it’s our turn to serve them. 

$1,000 Scholarship Winner

Ryan’s full post: 

You don’t have to search far for a veteran. They’re your family, friends and neighbors. The first Veteran I met was my grandfather, Harold Gustav Bjelke. The veterans I have met are like my grandfather: humble, full of life, caring, and patriotic.

Growing up, my grandpa was my world. He would be at all my little league games; always in the first row cheering me on and always being the loudest. He never once told me he was a veteran. I learned that through my dad when he was admitted to the VA Tampa Hospice center.

The last memory of him was when we visited him on his birthday with friends and family. We went to the common area to celebrate it and the other patients came out of their rooms and wished him happy birthday and ate cake with us. Patients were laughing and telling jokes and having a good time even though they knew the future. My grandfather soon passed away a few weeks later. I was 7 years old when he passed away. He was and still is my hero. He may not have worn a cape but he wore the United States Military (Navy) uniform.#WhatAVeteranLooksLike @veteranscall

They answered our nation’s call, now it’s never been easier to answer theirs. With Veterans Call, there’s now a simple way to donate and support veterans, the military and their families. Download and donate to start making a difference today.

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