Support our Troops

Support Our Troops Through Giving

Veterans are no longer on active duty, but they deserve our respect, our admiration and sometimes our help. There are many ways to salute our veterans and support our troops – by volunteering, helping someone you know directly, and sometimes monetarily by donating to causes that assist these veterans.

With a plethora of charities to choose from, you should definitely do your homework before donating your hard earned money. When thinking about donating to a charity there are things that you should consider.


Where would you like your contribution to go? With so many military charities that are focused on helping our community it’s hard to choose between them all. A great way to decide which charity to associate with is to find out what stirs something inside of you, or what speaks to you. What pulls at your heart? Is it helping children of military families, is it providing post-secondary education to military spouses or veterans, is it helping wounded veterans? Make a list of the causes that you feel passionately about and go from there.


How would you like to give to these charities? Would you like to write a check once a year or once in your lifetime? Would you like to give cash directly, donate a non-cash contribution, or would you like to make smaller donations on a more regular basis? Almost all donations are tax deductible with the right documentation. Cash donations require a canceled check or dated receipt. If you are planning on making a donation of $250 or more, you will be required to provide bank or payroll deduction records or a letter from the charity acknowledging the donations. It is also worth noting that non-cash donations require appraisals if they are valued over $5,000.


With so many charities available to give to, be sure you are giving to a vetted organization and you know that your hard-earned money will be spent well. According to the National Philanthropic Trust, on average, Americans gave $373.25 billion in 2015 with the average household contribution being $2,974.00.

You can find out about how charities disperse donations by doing a little background reconnaissance work. Charity Navigator is a great place to start. The independent body evaluates and rates charitable organizations in the US, so you can compare different organizations.

Or, you can take a look at our trusted, vetted Veterans Call charity partners, all of which are registered 501c bodies.

Whatever charity you choose, or however much money you choose to donate, we know that supporting our troops is an invaluable investment and we salute you for taking the time to care for our veterans.

They answered our nation’s call, now it’s never been easier to answer their theirs. With Veterans Call, there’s now a simple way to donate and support veterans, the military and their families. Download and donate to start making a difference today.

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