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What Veterans Day Means To This Former Marine

I have lost brothers and sisters to wars both physical and mental

Veterans Day is our nation’s largest celebration of the men and women who have served our country.

For Sergeant Jasmine Czarnecki, a former US Marine who served in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Veterans Day means more with every single year that passes.

On May 22nd, 2009, I became a United States Marine. I’ll never forget receiving my Eagle, Globe, and Anchor.

veterans day
“On February 22nd, 2013, I officially became a veteran and separated from my beloved Corps.

I remember coming back home from Afghan, and not feeling right.

I couldn’t sleep, I felt anxious, I wasn’t okay and I was scared.

With the help of my Gunny, I found help.

I found myself again, and completed the rest of my enlistment.Since getting out, I’ve become a civilian again, an employee, a student, and a mother to two beautiful little boys.

But some of my Corps weren’t so fortunate.

My brother-in-arms Corporal Ronald Singleton passed away in 2012. Each year Veterans Day becomes more and more meaningful to me.

I wish Ron could be here to celebrate with me on this day.”


“As time goes on I want my children to know who I am and what I was a part of; the long history of the Marine Corps, the brotherhood and lifelong friendships you’ll make.

More importantly, I want my children to know that because I am here to celebrate Veterans Day or any other holiday, there are many more who are unable to.

We do not serve our country so that later on, on days like Veterans day, we receive all this attention. What we want more, is a few moments with the ones we lost.”


“I have lost brothers and sisters to wars physical and mental.

And although some have returned home, their mind is in a place that takes them back to war.

They are not home at all. 1 in 20 veterans commit suicide everyday.

I hope with the help of the Veterans Call app and these amazing programs, that our brothers and sisters can finally come home and live their life with peace and happiness.”

Our Heroes Need Your Support This Veterans Day

Join us in celebrating our nation’s heroes by standing together on Veterans Day:

  • Join the largest ever virtual applause for veterans.By pledging your support via our Thunderclap campaign you will automatically send a message to your followers on the afternoon of Veterans Day, November 11th, reminding them to give thanks. Read more at:
  • Watch the America’s Parade in Manhattan, our country’s largest celebration of service. It is organised by the United War Veterans Council and carries on the traditions of the New York City Veterans Day Parade.
  • Attend Arlington National Cemetery, where over 40,000 veterans are buried. The Veterans Day ceremony there begins with wreaths being laid at the Tomb of the Unknowns, a monument dedicated to unidentified American service members.
  • Help the veterans in your community. Many VA hospitals put on special lunches, prepared by volunteers. Take the time to visit, call or write to any veterans you know personally.
  • Give a little something back. Now is the ideal time to download the Veterans Call app and donate to one our our trusted charities.

In a few taps you can donate as little as $5 to support veterans, active-duty military and their families via your cell phone bill.

The History of Veteran’s Day

Originally known as ‘Armistice Day’, Veterans Day was made a public holiday in 1938.

It falls on 11 November every year to commemorate the signing of the armistice that ended the ‘The Great War’ in 1918.

Following the horror of World War II, in which over 16.1 million Americans served, and with the passing of many World War I veterans, the focus of the day shifted over time.

Spearheaded by veteran Raymond Weeks, the day became a national holiday to honour all who served.


In just a couple of minutes, supporters like you can positively impact the lives of veterans across America.

All it takes is a few taps on your cell phone.

Please download our Veterans Call Veterans app and give back to our troops with your own donation ahead of Veterans Day.

Please donate

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