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Veterans Issues: Mental Health

Caring for the physical well being of our veterans is only one part of what we owe them for their service and sacrifice. Ensuring for their mental or psychological health is a critical piece of easing their return to civilian life and offering them the best opportunities available.

Veterans Issues as wide-ranging as unemployment, homelessness, substance abuse, and more can stem from undiagnosed or untreated psychological conditions. And those issues make it difficult or even impossible for America’s fighting men and women to enjoy the safety and comfort they deserve.

Both the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and the Armed Services YMCA of San Diego—two of the many charities you can support through Veterans Call—offer services and resources to help veterans receive the care, treatment, and support they need to address these issues.

IAVA works at every level, from advocacy and legislation to one-on-one case management and referral services. They empower servicemembers and their families with valuable education, transition, family, and community building assets, as well as directing them to sources of mental health and psychological support.

The Armed Services YMCA of San Diego is part of a network of YMCAs dedicated to providing emergency support, health and wellness services, education resources and more for active military members, veterans, and their families. They also offer counseling support, a critical area where our veterans can benefit from assistance.

Both of these terrific organizations are working to ensure more than just the physical health needs of American veterans and their issues. They strive to ensure that our troops and their families receive the care and comfort that they deserve in return for their service.

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