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Veterans Issues: Transition and Employment

The difficulties most of us handle in our daily lives are nothing like those faced by our men and women in uniform during their service to our country. But while their experience prepares them for a lot of serious and even life-threatening challenges, a big hurdle stands in their way when the return home.

We all know veterans face many issues when returning home. However, among returning military members and retired veterans, well over one third of them identify the transition back to civilian life as the most difficult challenge they face. The causes can be varied, but the struggle to return to non-military life and employment affects a large number of servicemembers. This is where organizations that help veterans transition into the normalcy of everyday life plays a huge part in their potential success. Whether it is helping with resumes, cover letters or interviewing skills, there are organizations that can help veterans with job hunting and employment skills once they return home.

The wide range and varied nature of the challenges facing our veterans’ return can make it hard to know the best way to make a difference. Thankfully the simplicity and affordability of donating through Veterans Call makes it easier to help. Several of the organizations supported by your contributions provide valuable resources that help America’s military members return to home life. The National Military Family Association, the New England Center and Home for Veterans, and the VFW National Home for Children all work to find, fund, and provide services for returning servicemembers. From mental health resources to career training to housing and more, these terrific organizations are committed to not only easing our veterans’ return, but offering them a path to advance and succeed.

They answered our nation’s call, now it’s never been easier to answer their theirs. With Veterans Call, there’s now a simple way to donate and support veterans, the military and their families. Download and donate and start making a difference today.

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